Australia: Week 1

The Flight

It started with a plane ride from hell. Already I was recovering from two straight nights of limited sleep and not-limited drinking. I sat next to an old couple from Adelaide who were quite nice and only got up twice during the 17 hour flight. I was impressed.  Some lady was making a fuss and the attendants were very accommodating.  If she’d been on a U.S. airline she’d have been duck taped to her chair.  The pilot wasn’t touchy with the fasten seat belt sign.  It was quite bumpy for a bit and he eventually turned it on.  I think American airlines are too touchy- it doesn’t do anything except expand my bladder capacity.  Here is a summary of the flight which began at 10:20pm after a full Wednesday:

Hours in:
1 – iPhone dies because of too much usage at the airport. Armrest USB charger is broken. No music.
2 – Watched Wolf of Wall Street. 9/10 – Leo always does a good job.
3 – Ate dinner even though I had eaten two hours ago.
5 – Fitful dozing.
9 – Watched Birdman. 10/10 Micheal Keaton is the best.
12 – Fitful dozing.
15 – Sacrifice my laptop’s battery in order to charge my phone.
17 – Landed (more…)


Visual Studio 2017 (Initial Thoughts)

Visual Studio 2017 Banner


Initial Thoughts

What’s new in Visual Studio 2017? My first thought was why is it so small- after logging into and loading up the download/update manager I was surprised that “all” of visual studio would have an install size of 600MB.  What!?!?!  No Way.  The install went off without a hitch until I tried to open up one of my solutions.  It was nothing fancy- just a console application, but here is where MS dropped the bomb- it doesn’t come with .NET development out of the box… but I guess that’s my bias being a .NET developer.  I had to “install missing features” which included .NET development (2GB is more like it!!!).  I don’t know how big the install files were- but it was quite speedy even on my slower than a lumbering polar bear of an internet connection.  And of course we get the standard restart required after this install. (more…)


The Terrible Support for MSDN Migrations

Update (Final) – 2/26/17

I was able to get this resolved… by waiting.  In the below e-mail my alias keeps showing up and/or I wouldn’t be able to access my subscription.  My guess is that Microsoft employs some kind of caching in their identity management and it takes awhile for it to be cleared/updates to be propagated.  Here were my options if the issue hadn’t spontaneously resolved (excerpt):

  • Change the e-mail on your subscription to an entirely different e-mail, preferably a brand new Microsoft Account with no aliases (the latter being the fastest solution).
  • Escalate this with Microsoft Account Support if you do not want to use another e-mail and believe this is not an alias issue.

Translation:  We can’t fix our poor account integration and the only solution we have is to create more accounts for you.  What a bunch of yahoos.  Oh and I did the chat support twice and they told me they couldn’t do anything because it was a “” specific issue. Useless. (more…)