Australia: Week 5, 6, 7, & 8

My name is XXXXX and I want to recruit you!

There are definitely some good recruiters in Melbourne, particularly ones who specialize in a certain technology.  However, for every good one there are more sales (and less technical) people doing their jobs and making sure that check boxes get ticked.  I have nothing against sales people- in particular I’ve focused on developing my own skills in that area recently.  However, here is a tactic that I’ve seen used that I don’t particularly care for.

Phone Call #1:  Hi Craig! I’ve got a job that’s X, Y, an Z.  Are you interested?
Phone Call #2:  Okay, I’ve got an interview set up for you… now let’s set up an interview.  Does that sound good?
Phone Call #3:  Alright the interview is tomorrow- now I’m going to read you the actual job description over the phone so you’re prepared!
Phone call #4:  How did the interview go?

I can only image what phone call #5 is like because I haven’t gotten that far yet.  The tactful thing to say is that the market here is very conservative and highly networked.  I have to admit that I like the hire/fire policy of the U.S. a bit better- I feel that even in a new region I would be gainfully employed by now.

So you’re into networking huh?  Like TCP/IP?

Fortunately, I’ve been able to get out and go to some really cool meet-ups.  A lot of these have revolved around software.  As far as obtaining interviews and leads this has by far been the best approach.  I went to see a presentation on Umbraco which included info on form customization.  One of the more artsy meet-ups I’ve attended has been a cool “preso” on turning Adobe animation files straight into consumable JSON objects (although particle animation [think emitters] are not yet supported).  This project was surprisingly developed by Airbnb and is one of the reasons their animations are so slick.  I got to talk with the animator who presented and we compared notes on Blender animation and modeling since we’re apparently both huge nerds.  Also there was pizza and beer.  UMMMM Yeah!!

In other news…

I’m in Coburg now, although Google Maps says I’m in North Brunswick.  I got a screaming deal by house sitting for some people who are on a road trip.  I miss Ron and Jan (The Australians who where hosting me previously), but it’s also nice being a bit closer to the CBD.  My favorite place around here has been the Woodlands Hotel which has some great local brews on tap.  In addition, upstairs you will be transported to a magical fairy land- complete with 8′ tall soldiers and a very special chair that looks like the Iron Throne.  The greatest thing about my place in Coburg has been the reliable internet (thus far).  It doesn’t appear to be tethered and I managed to get through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- as long as you’ve got Netflix you can’t get homesick!!!



Australia: Week 3 & 4

Getting around

For places I go to frequently I know longer require heavy use of “The Google”.  I’ve swept the north like a Greyjoy.  North Melbourne, Carlton, Brunswick, Fitzroy, and North Cote (Pronounced like a soccer kit).  Maybe my future exploits will lead my farther south?  For most common places in Melbourne people don’t make fun of my pronunciation anymore.


Rooftop bar in Fitzroy



Australia: Week 2

That Dreaded Feeling In Your Throat

Whenever I’m gearing up for a throat infection I’m usually pretty sure what’s happening.  However, due to the fact that a bunch of people there want antibiotics for their colds I usually wait until the pain gets around a 6 on the scale.  By then I have white patches that make most doctors think that viral pharyngitis is unlikely- so they give me the drugs.  The medical care here is great- a doctor visit is under $100 AUD without insurance.  The antibiotics was $14.  However, even with that I’ve spent the last week recovering and I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll go back for round two.  Last time this happened I was put on Clindamycin for two weeks which has the happy side-effect of making your colon act like a ripped bag of peat moss.  So hopefully we’ll avoid that!!!



Australia: Week 1

The Flight

It started with a plane ride from hell. Already I was recovering from two straight nights of limited sleep and not-limited drinking. I sat next to an old couple from Adelaide who were quite nice and only got up twice during the 17 hour flight. I was impressed.  Some lady was making a fuss and the attendants were very accommodating.  If she’d been on a U.S. airline she’d have been duck taped to her chair.  The pilot wasn’t touchy with the fasten seat belt sign.  It was quite bumpy for a bit and he eventually turned it on.  I think American airlines are too touchy- it doesn’t do anything except expand my bladder capacity.

Online Check-In Picture